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Charity's Letter to Dandi Mackall
By Charity Haskins
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Year: 2007 Category: Letters About Literature

December 7, 2006

Dear Ms. Mackall,

In the book Winnie the Horse Gentler Bold Beauty, Winifred's actions were similar to mine.  Winnie's determination to train Bold Beauty reminded me of when I lacked confidence about being able to lead a horse.  I got off and walked the way back to my aunt's house.  Also, the time Winnie fell off her horse and lied about it by saying she tripped over a log, reminded me of the times in my life when I acted foolish and lied about something.

Winnie said she could scale any wall.  That's when it made me really stop and think of all the times I was not very determined and gave up easily.  The book inspired me and taught me to read, achieve, and believe.  When I say read, I mean when I was little I was not a reader, but ever since I read the book, I became a reader.  Achieve means to achieve my goal, like keep my grades up in the A's and the B's.  When I say believe, I mean believe in my dreams, and not focus on what others think or say.  I want to control my own life, but with boundaries.

So Winnie was a lot like me.  She was brave, encouraging, and smart.  Her determination helped me to be more determined within myself, so I don't give up.

                                                          Charity Haskins

Charity Haskins
5th Grade
Unalaska City School, Unalaska, Alaska
Teacher:  Cathy Leu
About the Author: 5th Grade
Unalaska City School, Unalaska, Alaska
Teacher: Cathy Leu

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