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Alex's Letter to C.S. Lewis
By Alex Korenichenko
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Junior 7-9
Year: 2006 Category: Letters About Literature

Dear C.S. Lewis:

This book [The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe] has opened my eyes to many parts of my life I did not notice before. The biggest idea I came to understand is that forgiveness is something we all need but do not always deserve. This book has taught me that even if someone betrays you, it's never too late to forgive them. Forgiving someone is not always easy, but its something we all need to do. This book has shown me that forgiving, though it may be hard, is better then being stubborn and hard-hearted.

Forgiveness is not always easy. Although forgiveness is not easy, it's no excuse to not forgive someone. To forgive someone you have to put your pride aside, especially if it is in public, but putting your pride aside is one of the most difficult choices we have to make. Putting your own pride aside to forgive someone is the most difficult decision I know of.

Forgiveness can change a person for the better or worse. If someone does not learn to forgive, they will grow up hateful and mean. The Bible says that God forgives everyone but to be forgiven we need to forgive others. In your book, when Peter gets mad and yells at Edmund because he lied about being in Narnia, Edmund did not forgive Peter, he had a grudge against Peter, and that fueled his reason to betray them. When Edmund already betrayed them and found out that the witch was not going to keep her promise to him, he thought his siblings would not forgive him, however when they where reunited, they forgave him and his life for the better. Christ does this for us daily.

In my life I heard this story once it goes like this; this person saw this other guy on the street homeless so he invites him to stay the night at his house the next morning the guy wakes up and finds the homeless guy has robbed his house. In a couple days the police catch the homeless guy and accuse him of theft because they thought that a homeless guy should not have possession of items that have such a great value. Then the guy who was robbed comes down to the police station and bails the other guy and gives him a pair of silver candle sticks and says "here you forgot these." That experience changed that person's life from bad to good. This is one way forgiveness can change a person's life.

Forgiveness is an aspect of everyone's life. Even though forgiveness is hard, you should always forgive someone. You should forgive someone because it can change him, her, and you for the better. On the other hand if someone does not forgive someone else, they and you can still change but for the worst. Forgiveness can also help people around the person forgiving and being forgiven, because they can look at the example that those two set. These are just some of the reasons I think people should learn to forgive.

Alex Korenichenko

Alex Korenichenko
7th Grade
Fort Greely School, Delta Junction, Alaska
Teacher: Aleta Finney

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