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Emma's Letter to Bill Richardson
By Emma Marquardt
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Year: 2006 Category: Letters About Literature

Dear Mr. Richardson,

Your book After Hamelin is something I will never forget. To me this book makes me imagine things that I always wanted to do, things that I dream when I fall asleep. I felt like I was in the adventure and that I was saving Hamelin. This is the first book I really liked to read and I could not put it down. This book always hits the spot in my heart that holds the memories of that book.

When I first read this book I really didn't understand that Penelope was telling her story of what changed her life. It would go from the past to present as the chapters went by.

Then I really got into it and realized what was the problem. Throughout this book I really paid attention to it. What meant most to me was when Quintun the jump roping dragon died trying to save Penelope it took my heart and I thought about my grandpa and how he tried his hardest to fight cancer to stay and take care of my grandma as long as he could. He did die, and a year or two after his death I read this book. It made me think that you never know what to expect. And things happen right out of the blue. But in return you can do things a person who is normal can't do. Be remembered as the one who saved your town or the ones who would not give up. Those are the people who were never perfect but turned into someone very close.

When I was reading that part in the book I started to cry I think my mom heard me came up stairs and kissed me on the cheek, like saying to me "it is ok Emma I am here with you nothing bad will happen." It is one of those things you will always remember. When I am by myself outside walking my dog when the sun is out and the cold air is brushing across my face. I think of my mom and when I think of my mom I think of After Hamelin.

Just yesterday with my allowance I went to the store and bought roses for my mom, because she was having a terrible day. I did not know so by my mom was so touched and looked at me with those eyes of love and gave me a hug. It was so long it was like freezing time. I never wanted to let go. I could feel the love go throughout my veins. I love my mom and dad and this book made me realize how much I really care about them and that I am truly blessed to have such spectacular parents. And you showed me this so I want to say

Thank you, so very much.

Emma Ruth Marquardt

Emma Marquardt
6th Grade
Unalaska City School, Unalaska, Alaska
Teacher: Lara Crome-Guthrie

About the Author: 6th Grade
Unalaska City School, Unalaska, Alaska
Teacher: Lara Crome-Guthrie

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