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Samuel's Letter to John Steinbeck
By Samuel E. Winters
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Year: 2006 Category: Letters About Literature

Dear Mr. Steinbeck:

Your book, The Pearl, has taught me what can happen when a life-changing event falls upon us. Our actions are the key to the outcome of these occurrences. If we are to leave the path of our goals, our determination will be refocused onto a new, sometimes bad motivation.

My family has experienced life-changing events throughout the past few years. In October of 2003, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My family decided to take action and do whatever it took to help my mother get well again. After countless medical appointments, ten visits to the operating rooms, a four-round Chemo Therapy treatment, many visits to a plastic surgeon, and 100% of our support, my mother is doing absolutely great.

In November of 2004, one year later, a major chemical plant announced its closure. My father had worked there for 25 years, and now it was shutting down because there was only enough natural gas for one year's use. Now my family and I are living in Unalaska, Alaska, and my father has a great job.

Your book has given me an inside look at decisions, consequences, and the overall outcome of random, and maybe not so random, events. It has given me a whole new perspective of what could happen when someone is confronted by greed, envy, and revenge.

Although we may make bad decisions in our lives, life goes on. After Kino threw the pearl into the sea, another chapter began in his life. His family was finally relieved from the pain that his actions had caused. It was a new chapter in my family's and my life when we made our decisions. Our decisions were the pathway to what we have now. They are new chapters in the book of life, and will be remembered always, although these chapters are unwritten.

Samuel E. Winters

Samuel E. Winters
6th Grade
Unalaska City School, Unalaska, Alaska
Teacher: Lara Crome-Guthrie

About the Author: 6th Grade
Unalaska City School, Unalaska, Alaska
Teacher: Lara Crome-Guthrie

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