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Matthew's Important Thing
By Matthew
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples
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Important Things, Classroom Book Project

gogglesIt all started one day when I was nine. We went to see the motocross race at Kincaid Park. It was awesome. After we left, my brother and I begged my dad to get us motocross bikes. After some thought and persuasion, he said okay. We went to the Honda shop in Palmer and bought two bikes. Since we bought two, we got two hundred dollars each to spend on apparel. We both got helmets and goggles.

After we learned the basics, we started going off jumps and riding in the main track. Everyone was faster than me. Whenever they passed me, they sprayed me with dirt. I couldn't see through the dust and rocks being flung at my face, but it is a good thing I got goggles. For the next year or so, my goggles only saw dirt and rocks from other people's tires.

After I got better and didn't see rocks and dust, I had a change of heart and tried four-wheeler racing. I found that I liked this much more, like this sport was made for me. So I got a race four-wheeler a year ago. When I got it, I practiced a lot and got pretty good for one year of riding. Near the end of the year, I loved this so much better. I felt as though my goggles had opened a whole new dimension. One without rocks. Then I paid back everyone for all the rocks I got in my face, especially in the sand, up hills, and in mud. I love covering people in stinky, gooey mud, and especially slamming into mud pits and getting covered in mud. But now it is winter. I am looking forward to the riding season, and, in the future, hope to race when I am sixteen.

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