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Down By the Lake
By Morgan Frank
Genre: Poetry Level: Elementary K-3
Year: 2003 Category: Bell Benton Memorial Poetry Award

I am down at the lake,
And the view is just for you.
The air is misty.
The feel of everything is damp.
The air is warm as the sun
rises in the sky
The water is smooth.
Oh, how the water sparkles
like diamonds in the rising sun.
White doves fly and land nearby
in the trees.
It is quiet.
All you can hear is songs of songbirds.
There is a patch of wild flowers close by.
The sweet perfume of the flowers
floats in the fresh, cool air.
A few butterflies flutter around.
A refreshing breeze
rustles the branches of the trees.
Moss grows wild all around the lake.
Forget-me-nots look so beautiful in the rising sun.
I am sitting on a stone of granite.
A deer is coming to me.
Every time I move my hand
the deer moves back.
Deer are so shy,
I will have to stop writing and sit still.
About the Author: Morgan Frank attends Denali Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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