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Peer Work

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Daniel's Postcard from Kodiak, Alaska
By Daniel
Genre: Visual Arts
Year: 2000 Category: LitSite Alaska's Postcard Contest

trees drawing

Fall 2000

Hey, Marv. You were right. Kodiak, Alaska, is one of the best places to go hunting in the entire country. Deer by the dozen have been walking right past us! It was so funny that the woods are so lush and thick here that they didn't even spot us watching them. You could have told me more about the bears, though! Especially since they can grow to be at least 10 feet tall here. Dad laughed so hard at me when I told him how I was going to run away if I saw a bear coming after me. It would be great if you could have been here with us. See you soon.

Daniel Anunciacion

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