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Peer Work

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Christy's Postcard from Seward, Alaska
By Christy
Genre: Visual Arts
Year: 2000 Category: LitSite Alaska's Postcard Contest

seal at Sea Life Center

Summer 2000

Dear Solveig and Olivia,

You two should see all the different types of sea birds and seals that are at the Seward Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska. They are all so colorful and playful. When I went up to the glass, the gray, blue-eyed seal poked his nose against the glass and stared at me. It was so sweet! Then when I walked over to the underwater exhibit I got to touch the starfish and jellyfish. The starfish felt sharp and pointy, while the jellyfish felt really slimy! Anyway, I'm having a blast at this great Alaskan place!

Christy Tanner

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