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Amber's Letter to Alice Mead
By Amber Rea
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Year: 2004 Category: Letters About Literature

Dear Alice Mead,

Your book Soldier Mom touched my life deeply. This powerful book reminded me of my family. Ever since I can remember, both my parents have been in the military. Day after day, they left early and returned late in the evening. They went away on temporary duty ? sometimes for months.

Luckily, they never deployed at the same time. At least I had one parent with me, unlike Jasmyn. But, like Paula, Jasmyn's mother, my parents also worried about another child, my four year old sister, Libby. She sometimes spent long hours in pre-school, while my parents worked.

Military families move often and when I was told we were being relocated yet again, I became upset. I had finally settled down and made friends, but it was going to be taken away. No wonder Jasmyn was worried about moving to Japan with her dad.

A few weeks after I learned we would leave Alaska, I stumbled upon your book. I must admit I laughed a lot and even cried a little.

My favorite part was the ending when Jas takes a nice, long stroll with her mom after her deployment. I realized that there are kids out there who are far worse off than me.

Your book helped me with two things, to understand my parents' loyalty to their work, and to get closer to my mom. Now, whenever I think of my mom, I do not think of her as someone who works in the military, but as "Soldier Mom." Thank you, Alice Mead.


Amber Rea

Amber Rea
6th Grade
Mt. Spurr Elementary School, Anchorage, Alaska

About the Author: 6th Grade
Mt. Spurr Elementary School, Anchorage, Alaska

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