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Robin's Letter to Orson Scott Card
By Robin Lawrence
Genre: Non-fiction Level: High School 10-12
Year: 2002 Category: Letters About Literature

December 2, 2002

Dear Mr. Card,

Two years ago, I had never heard of you. Then I picked up Ender's Shadow and got knocked head over heels.

From the back cover, I was expecting the story of a street rat turned war hero. I wasn't expecting a five-year-old genius. And I definitely wasn't expecting to really have to think. Within the span of ten days I read your book five times. Each time I got more out of it. From Bean knowing he and Poke were doomed, to the final battle and a remembrance of: the enemy's gate is down, I learned about how much more there is to the world around us. I realized how much like Bean's world ours could turn into.

Granted, the Earth hasn't been attacked by giant ants, but with the events of 9/11, things could turn out similar to that. For example, right now in Egypt children knot rugs to help feed their families. Their other option is being sold into slavery. With the mess we have now, it may be that the major cities of the world turn out like Rottersdam. That's not a pretty thought.

After reading your book for the last time in those ten days, I felt forced to take a look outside my little world here in Seward, Alaska, and ask myself about what I saw, what the world is, where it is going, and what it could end up like.

Deciding I didn't want to see any more cities that would put Lord of the Flies to shame, I decided to start paying more attention to the big picture.

From the Battleschool Student,
Robin Lawrence

Robin Lawrence
11th Grade
Interior Distance Education of Alaska, Seward, Alaska

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