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Molly's letter to Marguerite Henry
By Molly McIsaac
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Year: 1999 Category: Letters About Literature

Dear Marguerite Henry,

You haven't been gone long, but already I miss you. Reading and re-reading the beautiful stories you left us only reminds me you will write no more. But then again, maybe you will ... Are you weaving your wondrous tales in Heaven as well?

If horses could fly, I would fly up to see you. Thank you for instilling in me the love of writing and the love of animals. Gone are the days of dreading compositions and reports for homework. You have been my encouragement to strive towards my goal of becoming a writer and veterinarian.

I will not forget you Marguerite Henry. My library of all your books will continue to be loved and passed on for generations to come.

Always in my Thoughts,

Molly McIsaac

4th grade
Home-schooled, Soldotna
Teacher: Dory McIsaac ("Mom")

About the Author: 4th grade
Home-schooled, Soldotna
Teacher: Dory McIsaac ("Mom")

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