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Charise's letter to R.L. Stine
By Charise Jackson
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Junior 7-9
Year: 2000 Category: Letters About Literature

Dear R. L Stine:

Me and my friend Kara were having a blast. She invited me to spend the night at her house Friday night. We rented scary movies and jumped on her trampoline. We really wanted something scary. So we got The X-Files. We got so scared we turned it off. There were aliens. White aliens with black eyes. The next day we went swimming and played "Titanic." But I was an iceberg monster who ate everyone. Then after the Iceberg Monster died we went to work with her mom. We saw a black coat and a weird tall man in it and it scared us because he had a beard and eyes that could melt a snowman. We ran back to the lounge. We grabbed a Coke and some Gardettoes. We talked about what we could do later.

"How about going to the movies?"

"Nope. Only scary ones are there."

"That's the whole point."

"The park!"

"Too cold." (I live in cold Alaska.)

"The Library."

"Sure. Let's go tell my mom."

She let us go to the Library and we bundled up. We were old enough to walk there. (It was across the street.) We ran down the ramp and I jumped for the computer and looked up Goosebumps. I looked for them in the bookshelf. I picked one out and Kara found a Box Car Children book. I came across another book series called Fear Street. I was like, "This is R. L. Stine!"

I picked out a book called Cheerleaders: First Evil. Kara took Cheerleaders: Second Evil.

Kara never finished it but I finished it. After I read your book I was hooked. I didn't think I liked blood, murder and blood. My friends say "How can you read that?" But I just nod and say "I love it." The murders and evil are actually mysteries. I guess who it is but then I find out it's not them. And the person it is, I'm like "no way." You get inside the mind. Like Corky from Cheerleaders: Series. She is so happy but also sad. And her dreams with cockroaches are so vivid that I think I'm stepping on them myself. In the first one I was so surprised that you would make Bobbi die. And now every person that I think of I wonder if they are really good or evil. Keep up your good work and please make some more Cheerleaders.

Charise Jackson

7th Grade
Colony Middle School, Palmer, Alaska
Teacher: Mrs. Volkman

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