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Anna's letter to Elie Wiesel
By Anna Fernandez
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Junior 7-9
Year: 1999 Category: Letters About Literature

Dear Mr. Wiesel,

Your book Night reached out to me in such a way it's hard to describe. It managed to make its way down to the depths of my soul causing it to fill with pity and disgust towards the Nazi's and the human race in general. It also caused me to develop a great deal of respect to the Jewish people of the world.

I often lashed out in anger as I "watched" what was happening to you and not being able to stop it, all I could do was sit by and watch it in my mind as I read. Your descriptions where strong, clear and powerful but to my surprise I did not understand some things and feel I never will. In one part of your book I became very upset it was the part when the Nazi's where throwing Jewish babies in the air and using them for target practice. I became enraged with ferry, I imagined myself coming into the story and breaking each one of those filthy Nazi necks, spitting on them and calling them something I won't repeat. That's how powerful your book is and how much it got to me. It took me only two days to read what took years for you to live through. I have come to the conclusion that I will forgive the Nazis and pray for God to have mercy on there souls. One other part that really got to me was the description of the fire pit that people where being tossed into, how you could smell the burning flesh and hear the screaming children. I tried to imagine what it would feel like if I where standing next to you. I only got a slight image, but that will forever be your own secret thought, to make it short it was a powerful metaphor. I will admit I had some pretty horrid thoughts about things to do to the Nazis, I then realized I would be the same as them.

Tears sting my eyes because I have learned so much from your book yet I still don't think the world has given the Jewish people the respect and remorse they surly disserve. I have to confess I did not write this letter because I felt like it but because it was an assignment from my teacher. I want you to know I have grown a special kind of love for you and hope you the best in years to come.

Anna Fernandez
7th grade
Colony Middle School, Wasilla
Teacher: Mr. Nolting

Additional comment by Anna

Thank you so much. I am very honored to have been selected as a runner up. Writing wasn't something that just came to me. In fact last year writing was my weak spot. Now writing is my passion, from adventures to poetry. I owe everything to all the books I've read; they are my true inspirations. The feeling I get when I read a good book is so amazingly wonderful it is impossible to explain. I wanted to give other people the same feeling. I truly believe that the Jewish people are not getting enough respect and I wish I could have every living Nazi publicly apologize to all of them. My heart goes out to all the Jewish people who lost loved ones. Another thing I believe is that this award should also be awarded to my teacher who inspired me to write it.



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