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Peer Work

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Those Brazilian Nuts
By Lael Cherie Bartch
Genre: Fiction Level: Elementary K-3
Category: UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest

Chapter I

One day, the Brazilian Kemp family went for a walk in the rainforest.  They found waterfalls, creepy crawly critters, and picked Brazilian nuts to eat later.  The older kids, Mark and Rosa, had a great time swinging from the long vines while their twin brother and sister, Zak and Myla, watched them.  While they were exploring, they came across a troop of chimpanzees grooming each other.  The chimps were so friendly they decided to share the nuts instead of snacking on them later.  Rosa exclaimed, "I cannot believe chimps have been around since 1809!"  Mr. Kemp piped in and said "Rosa dear, chimpanzees may have even been around before humans."  Before Rosa could reply, the ground started to shake.  Shaking harder and harder, the ground gave way, creating a dark tunnel... 

Chapter II

The Kemps tossed, turned and tumbled down the tunnel.  When they landed they found that the chimpanzees had transformed into horses, and the Kemp family was all of a sudden wearing dresses and bonnets, suits and top hats!  Before they could utter a word of surprise a horse drawn carriage pulled up next to them.  The driver asked, "need a ride to the Buckingham palace?"  "Uh...yes we do." Mrs. Kemp cautiously said.  The driver continued "Hop in, I will tie your horses to the back."  One minute later they arrived at the palace where maids who quickly told them they needed to change greeted them.  Mr. Kemp asked "where do we change and what do you want us to wear?"  The maids said "follow us, we will show you your options."  So they all went down the hall.  Mr. Kemp and Mark followed two maids into a room with mirrors, a bench, hair supplies, cologne, silk suits, coal black hats, top hats, and tea.  Rosa and her Mom followed two more maids into another room.  Now this room had a mirror and a bench, silk dresses and gowns, bonnets, hair curlers, make up, shoes, flowers, hoop skirts, petty coats, ribbons and tea.  The twins crawled into a nursery like room with silk suits and dresses, books, cribs and blankets.   So when they were all dressed they came out in this order... First, Mr. Kemp came out. He was wearing a black silk suit with his hair fixed nice.  Then Rosa came out. She was wearing a pretty red silk dress neatly tucked over her hoop skirt and big golden curls tied together in a bow of black ribbon.  When Mark came out he looked exactly like his father except his suit was brown silk.  Next, Mrs. Kemp came out. She was wearing a royal blue gown with a puffy hoop skirt and a long beautiful rose-colored train.  Zak and Myla came out next.  Myla was wearing a pure white dress with lace trimmings.  Zak was wearing a coal black suit with a top hat, but he kept taking off the top hat so one maid had to hold it on his head. 

Chapter III

Once the family was finished dressing the royal messenger came with a note.  It said, "All who are in the palace, go to the winter dining hall.  Your maids will show you the way and teach you the essentials to a royal dinner and ball."    The Kemp family followed the maids into an elegant room with red and pink roses and white tablecloths with orchids in the middle.  There was an open door leading off from the beautiful dining hall, and this was where the children ate.  A lot of little girls were dressed like Myla.  Most of the little boys were dressed like Zak.  The older girls were to sit in the parlor with the women after dinner.  They were dressed like Rosa.  After dinner, the boys were to go horseback riding while waiting for the ball.  They dressed like Mark.  Before the grownups arrived, the maids led the children to the children's winter dining hall.  When they saw the prince and the princess, all of the girls curtsied and the boys bowed.  The maids told the girls they would sit at the table with the princess. They were ecstatic!  The princess told them each where to sit.  Rosa was one of the girls chosen to sit next to the princess!  Myla and the little girls were told to sit at the end of the table.  Myla would sit across from the princess.  Mark was exited because he was chosen to sit across from the prince.  The prince loved toddlers, but wasn't such a fan of the boys his age. They always liked to play fight, and he didn't like that sort of play. Therefore, Zak was chosen to sit next to the prince.  As soon as they were seated they listened to the king and queen make a speech thanking everyone for coming to the dinner.  A scrumptious surf and turf dinner was served complete with fancy desserts and tea.  After dinner the men, women, princess and older girls went to an elegant room with many beautiful sofas and tables.  Here, all of the women were given a dainty fan.  The girls sat at one end of the parlor, drinking tea, talking and fanning themselves while the grownups talked and drank tea.  After dinner in the children's winter dining hall the maids lead Myla and the little girls out to take a stroll in the gardens to explore while the ladies enjoyed their tea.  Mark and the big boys went to the stables to choose their favorite horse to have riding lessons in the arena.  Zak and the little boys crawled into the nursery to play with toys and read books with the maids. 

Chapter IV

The magnificent palace ball began and the Kemp family danced the night away with the royal family.  The night was filled with such wonder they nearly forgot where their day began!  Mr. Kemp soon realized he still had a pocket full of magical Brazilian nuts.  He asked the family if they would like to go for a stroll in the gardens and visit the horses.  When they were out far enough that no one could hear them, the family laughed about how crazy their day had been!  When they arrived at the stables they knew which horses were the chimpanzees because they had black spots on their noses.  As Mr. Kemp gave a nut to each chimp horse he said, "let's hope these nuts are still magical, we need to get back to 2015."  Suddenly, the ground started to shake.  Shaking harder and harder, the ground gave way and created a dark tunnel.  Thankfully, the Kemp family knew what to expect this time.  When they landed, they weren't very surprised to have landed back in the rainforest still in the same positions they were in right before the tunnel was formed. It was as if almost no time had passed at all.  They all tried to talk at once about the amazing adventure they had. Everyone questioned how they could find the tree that the nuts came from so they could time travel again.  The sun was starting to set.  Since it gets dark fast in the rainforest, they figured they better head to the car quickly.  On their way home they wondered if they could start a business out of magical time traveling...

The End

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